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I Hate Changes
Wednesday, February 20, 2013 ? 0 Atashinchi ?
today is wednesday, d-2 to Pensi! yeay, not so excited about it. i didn't feel like what i feel last year. i dunno why. lil bit depressed know. i feel i wanna go back to one year ago. that moment when i am still a seventh grader& unadorned student from elementary school. and the best part is, safira still here & someone still be him. i dunno whats wrong with me. but i miss my 7th grader. i wanna comeback to that moment. why time flies so freaking fast. i hate changes. i hate the changes of "us". what i mean "us" is me&mylife.

Smile in every moment, cheers in every ocassion. Because,that special things you have never comes up again even once again in your life - Unknown.

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New Year's Eve!
Monday, December 31, 2012 ? 0 Atashinchi ?

Hey gals! Guess what? It's new year eve! Hahaha.. there's no special things at all. I'm just here. Layin' in ma bed with my glamourous gadget; ma blue lappy, android phone & ma blackberry;) Goodbye 2012, thankyou for da memmories you've made with ma fams,clique & others. If it worse, I don't wanna repeat it & changes into a good things. But if it good, i'll keep it:) One thing i love from new year is the FIREWORK! That just so amazing in the dark sky. And i love the sounds of trumpet, even it's noisy,haha. I'd love to open my diary, read some stuff in 2012, that just so memorable guys!

 So, you're remember with ma promises? I wanna make a simple 2012 memmories this nite.

2012 Memmories
-Pensi 75 AAA<3 da besttt timee:)
- Summerschool, xx cannot forget it
-Lastdaay with Safiraa before she went to Barca:') (go to her house & watch the new amazing spiderman)
- Hangout together with ma cliquee,loveloveiit
-Hangout together with ma fams<3
- Celebrating my bestie bday party!! with some cakes&happiness
-Making scrapbook with Sweet Orange Garden's crews
-ZAC ma boy was born!
-Doing some school project, like video;)
-and many moree!

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Guess What?
Thursday, December 13, 2012 ? 0 Atashinchi ?
Guess whaat? I just finished my first semester exams. And this is soo tiring week! But fun at the end! Yesterday, after Math & Pkn test, I went to my friends house, Avi. We had so much fun there! We watched some great movies. And then, today I can do whatever I want cause this is HOLIDAY! I want to spend my day in front of my gadget or read some novels today. Ohyeah, and SLEEP! It's the best part for me. After sleep at 11 p.m & woke up at 4 a.m in 4 days, I think sleep can give me more energy.

I almost forget, we still don't get our report book._. and that's mean our judgement day. Oh no. I hope my score isn't as bad as my last semester report. So, there's no reason my parents will angry to me:D  AminO:) In this semester, so many good things we past, so many great day we enjoy & so many memmories add to our mind. I hope I can always remember them even it's bad or good.

And, this is December! New Year Eve! Can't wait for the party&firework. My friends & I have plan for our new year celebration, but I don't know yet. Can our parents let we go out without them on December 31th night? Hahaha. I hope so.

Okaay, that's all I wanna say. In the next post I will share some #2013 Wish & #2012 memmories. Can wait for write them soon! Bye fellas!

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ZAC - My Wishlist.
Saturday, November 17, 2012 ? 0 Atashinchi ?
Hello guys! So thankful for today, I'm still can breath & live in this world. There's no special things today, but it's such a great day. I just wanna share my wish, I wanna share with ZAC O:), dont know ZAC? Oh gosh, come on you're freaking bad, go here now. Nah, this is it:

1) I hope I can be thankful of every single day I spend with people who loves me
2) I hope Allah will give me more energy to help me to solve all problems
3) I hope Allah will remind me for smile to everybody, even they're rude to me
4) I hope my family & my friends will always be healthy & happy.
5) I hope 'someone' will know the truth I hide, as soon as possible.

Finished! I think, you don't know why I choose my 2nd wish because it's so strange. Why I don't just ask Allah to erase all my problems so I don't have problems to solve? Because, with problems, we can learn, learn, learn & then we can be better than before.

And how about my 3rd wish? Yeah. There's so many people act rude to me, even they only want to kidding me, sometimes it hurts. But, I know it's just their joke because it's funny for them. So, I want Allah to remind me for smile :) always. Sometimes, I ask myself, why must me? That's okay. If they're happy, I try to be happy too. I know, some of them will reading this, and they will ask him/herself is it them or not. Don't change please guys, I love you.

Quote of the day:
"Sometimes the person who tries to keep everyone else happy is always the most lonely person. So never leave them alone because they will never say that they need you or they want to share some stories"

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Justin's New Video Is Out!
Saturday, October 13, 2012 ? 0 Atashinchi ?

Hey guys! Have you watch this super freakin' cool video? I hope yes, if not you can see it. I share it just for youu! JUZTEEEEEEEEEEEN BIEEBAAAAH- Beauty And  A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj :] Enjooyy!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012 ? 0 Atashinchi ?
Hello agaain guys! Can you see my new template? Yeah, actually is not mine. It's Qistina's skins but I use it,thanks for that Qis! It's amazing template! Luv 1D:) I FIND THE REVERT CLASSIC TEMPLATES BUTTON! AHAHA. How stupid am I? It's under the templates section. Haha,too bad. But, no problems for it. Ohyea, btw  I have no story to share. I'm just so curious about changing templates so I go back here and post some weird things like this.

Ohyeaa, today is a bad daay for me. It's math bilingual test! Oh gosh,everyone hates this! In only 45 minutes we have to answer all those stupid-question! Oh, I HATE MATH! We can live without MATH,isn't it? Come on guys, math just so annoying. WHY I MUST SOLVE THAT PROBLEMS? It's your problems,Math, i'm not a pschycologyst or whatever._. And, guess what? I got 44. Wow, amazing isn't it? Ha-ha-ha. That's not funny at all. Okay, and tommorrow,there's MATH too? HELP MEH.

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Long Day
Tuesday, October 2, 2012 ? 0 Atashinchi ?
Hello guys! This is my second blog. OMG! ITS A LOOOOOOOOONG DAY! I'M SOO TIRED AND SLEEPY THIS NIGHT! I'M SO HAPPY TOO! Because, 75 Junior High School winning a competiton called Indonesia Pintar at Eat Bulaga Indonesia. And we get 5,5 million rupiah!

I love that part, when we can enjoying our moment together and yelling,hahaha. I love that quality time:') But beside that,I also frustated. Yeah,how come? Blogger's so sucks. VERY VERY. I found out many cute skins for my blog, but when I'm copying the codes, it can't work!

 Then, I do some googling,and just found out we can't use old blog themes anymore,cause now Blogger's change to a new surface and it's annoying,guys! Sometimes I got a problem on posting,and nooow in changing themes? OH MY GOD..Then,I realized that blogger is erasing "Revert to classic templates".

That so annoying! I can't use the old codes. They want us to use XML codes. And the worst part is we can't change it to the old surface,they erase it too.. Yeah, I know this day,Blogger is very simple so everyone can use it. But, are they still think about us? Your old customer? HEY.. WE STILL HERE,BUDDY. WE STILL USING BLOGGER. Come on blogger,stop being rude. I WANT THE OLD SURFACE. I'M SO FRUSTATED ABOUT ALL THIS. DAMN. HELP ME PLEASE.

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// Forever Young-One Direction